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This figure can enliven any track on "The Forest".

  1. Make a diagonal square sheet bend.
  2. Fold the paper along the dotted line, make a triangle. Turn the piece.
  3. Fold the top corner down the dotted line.
  4. The top of the triangle layer bend upward along the dashed line.
  5. Fold in half the workpiece itself on the dotted line. Rotate 90 ° counter-clockwise.
  6. The resulting strip (scale enlarged) bend upward along the dotted lines on both sides.
  7. Vaughn inside corner on the left on the dotted line (formed by magpies head). "Wings" fold along the dotted lines on either side of the figure.
  8. The rear portion on the dotted line back bend.
  9. At the tail make a cut and spread tail.
  10. Forty ready.

Level of difficulty: it is not the most complex figure, but doing it will bring you pleasure.

Make a diagonal square sheet bend.