Toy car

Handcraft type: 
  1. Using red clay mold a carcase of the car.
  2. Use the stack to make recesses for the front wheels symmetrically on both sides of the car.
  3. Do the same to make the rear wheels.
  4. Roll the short black sausage and cut it into 4 equal slices and insert them into the recesses for the wheels.
  5. A small strip of white clay stick into the windshield place.
  6. Using white clay sculpt 2 small teardrop-shaped windows.
  7. Attach these windows to the both sides of the car.
  8. Similarly attach the rear windows. Tip! You can arrange a competition for the best car. Use a multi-colored plasticine to make the game more interesting. Also you can exchange cars with friends.
  9. Make taillights from two small pieces of yellow clay.
  10. Make teardrop-shaped flashlights from 2 bigger pieces of white clay.
  11. Simetrically attach two red side windows.
  12. Roll out 4 small white circles and attach them to the wheels. Tip! During the walk pay attention on the different passing cars. Try to re-creathe them out of clay. This game develops memory, imagination, color perception and spatial reasoning.
  13. Draw the car hood and doors with a stack. Roll 2 thin black sausages and stick parallel to the windshield to make wipers
Using red clay mold a carcase of the car.