Handcraft type: 
  1. Sculpt the torso and one hind leg in one piece.
  2. Sculpt the second half of the foot and attach it near to the rear paw.
  3. Attach the foot to the leg and smooth it jointly.
  4. Sculpt the foot of the hind paw: make a sausage roll and flatten slightly, to round off the ends.
  5. Sculpt the front paw: make a sausage roll, flatten it a bit, and round off to one side. Similarly, make the second front leg.
  6. Attach the front legs to the torso parallel to each other.
  7. Sculpt the head. On the face’s bottom make a small indentation for the lower jaw.
  8. Using a piece of brown plasticine fashion a jaw of elongated shape, and attach to the muzzle so that it fells into the groove.
  9. Connect the dog's head and torso.
  10. Put some notches on the edge of the paw - imitation fingers.
  11. Gently flattening plasticine by fingers, make the ears in the form of thin ovals. Flatten one side slightly stronger - that's where the ears are going to be attached to the head.
  12. Attach the ears to the head.
  13. Sculpt 2 small ovals and a triangle of black plasticine, attach them according to the place of the eyes and nose.
  14. Make thin cakes of irregular shape of gray plasticine (or a mixture of black and white) and stick them on the dog's body.
  15. Sculpt the tail, bend it a little and attach it to the dog.

If desirable when modeling plasticine you can slightly moisten the hands with water – thanks to it plasticine won’t stain hands and won’t stick to them. Do not wet your hands too much, so that the water is not mixed with clay and doesn’t not spoil it.

Sculpt the torso and one hind leg in one piece.