Under the palms

  1. Little seashell paint the red - this will be the tongue of the Monkey.
  2. Glue adhesive the tongue inside the big seashells, slightly moving forward.
  3. Connect and glue two large flat seashell parts so that the front, they were slightly parted - a monkey's head.
  4. Take two small seashells and glue the ears on both sides of the monkey's head.
  5. At the top of the head glue two small seashells - this will be the Monkey eyes.
  6. Draw black ink on the shells of the pupils in the eyes and nose on the front side of the seashell.
  7. Pick two of the same size large seashells and glue them to each other around the edge. This will be the torso of the Monkey.
  8. Place the torso on the top edge and glue the head so that the seashells were perpendicular to each other.
  9. From wire (preferably copper in iso lation) and small seashells make the arms, legs and tail of the Monkey.
  10. Glue the arms, legs and tail to the body. Legs bend in such a way that the figure could be put.
  11. Glue together two large sinks. This is part of the island.
  12. Now make a palm tree. To do this, pick up the four shells of medium size and paint them green. This is the foliage of palm trees.
  13. Three shells merge with each other in the same plane, and the fourth turn and glue on top of the center.
  14. From rod fir cones make a good trunk for palms. Only rod should be quite long to fit under a palm tree could figure monkey. Glue to the terminal leaves of palm trees.
  15. Now glue the palm to the island of shells and plant under tree monkey. To your monkey was not boring, make it and other plant nearby.
Little seashell paint the red - this will be the tongue of the Monkey.