Mask of leaves



  •  Leaves of different sizes and colors
  •  Cardboard paper (e.g. you can use a box of flakes)
  •  Strong thread or an elastic
  •  Scissors
  •  White glue or superglue

Let’s start making the craft!

  1. Draw your future mask on the cardboard paper and cut it out.
  2. Check where it is better to place the little holes for eyes. Make the holes.
  3. Make some tiny edges on the opposite sides of the mask (you can use a stapler). Attach a thread or as elastic in order to have the mask fixed on the head).
  4. Start fasten your colorful leaves to the mask. It is better to start this process with big leaves by the edges of the craft and move on slightly to its center.



Crafts for children made of natural materials: mask od leaves