Wizard hat

For making this origami is necessary to take a piece of paper more that could nalezt hat on his head. Maybe even worth taking a sheet of newspaper or a sheet of A3, that is double the normal sheet.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold diagonally (by the dotted line).

2. Fold the corners so that they agreed on the line of inflection.

3. Fold the corners (scale enlarged) by the middle along the dotted lines.

4. Fold the corner (one layer) upstairs on the dotted line.

5. Turn the workpiece.

6. Wrap the top, all the layers of the preform from the bottom on the dotted line.

7. Bend the corner on the dotted line down.

8. Turn the workpiece.

9. Fold the bottom corner on the dotted line to coincide with the previously bent area.

10. Rotate the workpiece by 90 °.

11. Extend the sides.

12. "Cap" is ready.

this hat can also play the role of an astrologer hats. It can be decorated with applications of bright paper, stone.

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