Handcraft type: 
  1. Prepare 4 small square of paper. Make diagonal creases on the sheets.
  2. Bend sheet by a diagonal dotted line as shown by an arrow in the figure.
  3. Bend the corners of the triangle to the diagonal line of inflection on the dotted lines.
  4. The resulting billet turn over.
  5. Bend angles to the line of inflection along the dotted lines as shown by arrows in the figure. The preform is rotated clockwise by 45 °.
  6. Turn the resulting workpiece.
  7. Open the inner layer on both sides. The resulting figure flip.
  8. The side corners bend backwards shown below the dotted lines. Also, little corners bend inward.
  9. Slightly bend the lower back portion of the preform.
  10. Connect all four corners prepared petal to the result is a flower. If you need it, you can fix the petals on a small sheet of paper (glue).