Hello everyone! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - "Strawberry"

What you need:

1. Colored paper: red, light green, pale yellow, green

2. Glue

3. Scissors

Let's start:
1) First, cut out all neede details. Cut 1 semicircle and 3 trefoil out of green paper. Now take red paper and cut out 2 strawberries. Let's keep cutting out. Now we need 8 small light green ovals and 1 stalk with 4 twigs, try to make them as in the photo. Cut rectangle that has the same width as green semicircle out of pale yellow paper.  Done, and now let's glue everything together...
2) To the background glue green semicircle just a little bit lower the edge. 
3) On top of our hillock the stem, only do not glue the lower branches.
4) Now glue the strawberries under not-glued lower branches. 
5) On the upper branches glue the leaves, it looks lovely, but that's not all, because we still have small light green details ...
6) Let's glue the salad ovals on our berries

You can harvest now:) It turned out very nice, well done! See you next time my friends!

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