Stem wide

1. A square piece of paper to bend on the diagonal line.

2. Bend resulting triangle diagonally again indicated in phantom. Rotate the workpiece by 90 ° anti-clockwise (the increased scale of the drawing)

3. fold line topsheet drill blank to the right, so that it was transformed into a square.

4. Turn the workpiece.

5. Spread the top layer blanks left by the line of inflection.

6. Make excesses on both sides of the workpiece along the lines shown in the figure. Rotate workpiece 45 ° counterclockwise.

7. The topsheet expand upward along the dashed bend line and subject lines.

8. Turn the workpiece and produce action on the opposite side pp 6 and 7.

9. Concave corners on the lower inward bend lines on each side, as shown by the arrows. Make the volume of the figure. Stem ready.

How to use: addition of flower arrangement.

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