Handcraft type: 

Nesseccery materials figures: square sheet of paper, and paints.

Incremental steps:

  1. Fold the base form of "kite flying" and lower
  2. Lower the short sides and bend to the line of inflection.
  3. Adding the figure in half, bend the upper part at an angle "mountain", ie. E. Away. Turn.
  4. twisting, lower corner.
  5. Slightly open the blank and make a fold-zipper. A small corner of the lower tip down - it will be a tab. Vgibaya piece of paper, fold the side parts. But if you want you can leave them open.
  6. Make zip folds and expand the tail, remove the inside of the product areas. It remains to colorize "the snake."
Download file: 
Fold the base form of "kite flying" and lower