Small fish

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For making origami need colored leaf or white paper with equal sides. Size - at your discretion. First we make a basic form of "catamaran". Next, add up to the scheme:

  1. Pick up the first boat from the "catamaran" and turn shape.
  2. Draw a diagonal line and fold opposite corners in the direction of the arrows. Turn the piece to the other side.
  3. Fold the square diagonally and swipe one corner.
  4. Fold the corner.
  5. Slightly lower left corner, simultaneously pull the two right angles.
  6. Turn the figure sideways (see. On the drawing) and fold the bottom corners on both sides.
  7. Again bend every corner, try to combine with the hand.
  8. It remains to raise the corners, and harvesting "fish" is made.

To figure origami gained a finished look, paint the "fish." Draw scales and eyes, mark the contours and color fins.

Download file: 
Pick up the first boat from the "catamaran" and turn shape.


How to use: you can use this figure in a makeshift home theater, for example, in the production of "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish."