Sea adventure on the raft.

  • Materials and other art tools:




    «Thick» markers

    Knitting pin 4 mm

    Cardboard paper

 ·         Let’s start making the craft!


1.Cut out the waves from glossy carton wide 0,5 cm. tighten up lightly each wave with a pencil pulling it up a little bit.

2.Make the body of a little man. In order to do it, cut the pattern, wrap the paper round the «thick» marker, glue the tube you’ve made.

3.Make hair and arms of the seaman cutting the patterns, after that glut them to the his body. Draw the face.

4.Make the logs and the mast. It order to do that, turn the strips of paper, cut at the pattern, around the knitting pen. Gum 7 big logs together, and gum the small ones to them (to the big ones). After what gum the rested big logs to these small logs.

5.Cut the sail canvas using the pattern and glue it to the mast you’ve made.

6.Put the mast with the sail canvas in the hole in the center of the raft.

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