Red bird

Hello everyone! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - Red bird

What you need:

1. Colored paper: red, white, yellow, green, orange
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Markers

Let's start:
1) First let's cut out all needed details. We need just a rectangle out of red paper. Now take yellow and green paper and cut out half ovals as shown in the photo. But be attentive the green details should be narrower but longer than the yellow ones. Next take an orange paper and cut out a small hook to get a beak. Our next step is to cut out 2 tapered quadrilaterals. To finish our preparations cut out 2 white small rectangles with rounded corners.
2) Roll the red rectangle and glue the edges together.
3) On the resulting tube glue the white eyes and the beack between them. Everything is going according to plan! Let's continue... 
4) To the bottom glue the orange feet beforehand slightly bend them so that they can be easily attached inside the tube. On the sides attach green wings and slightly covering them glue the yellow ones.
5) It's time to make a final touch: beautifully paint your bird :) 

That was an easy job! See you soon my friends!

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