Hello my dear friends! Today we will make a wonderful craft - Poppies 

  • What you need:
  1. Glue
  2. Scissors
  3. Color paper: red, blue, black and turquoise 
  • Let's start: 
  1. Let's take turquoise paper and cut out 6 leaves, with wavy edges and a lot of thin strips. Then take red paper and cut out 10 identical circles which need to be cut to the centre. It's time to take black paper and cut out of it 2 small circles, 1 very samll small circle and 3 stripes which need to have a lot of small incisions. Well done! The most difficult is done. Let's continue... 
  2. Now we need to prepare our circles more. Take the red circles and twist them into small "umbrellas" and glue them together in this way.
  3. Next, we take blue sheet of paper and glue 4 of these umbrellas on it, so that they create one flower. To do this use 4 petals.
  4. Glue the second flower just below of it in the same way, and the last one will be the smallest,it has only 2 petals. 
  5. Next, we need to take our black circles and attach them into each flower. Also it is necessary to add leaves under each of our flowers.
  6. After that, take our black stripes and, gluing  the ends of stripes together,  make from them a circle which we attach on the black center in the flowers. 
  7. At last wrap the turquoise stripes around the finger then untwist them and glue under the flowers

Your wonderful Poppies are done! We will be glad to see you any time!

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