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Take a square of pink color 20 × 20 cm and fold the base form of "kite flying".

  1. Fold the shape in half.
  2. Divide the underside of the visually into 5 parts, and then open the resulting pocket and flatten 1/5. Folds well flatten. Expand the figure.
  3. Planned lines bend shape, twisting angle on the other side.
  4. When pulling the corner on the other hand, lower the top of the product, should bend the bottom corner.
  5. Upper corner bend down to the line of inflection. Make an incision and Vaughn angle inside the product.
  6. Expanding the ears bend the corners. Wrap the ponytail. Long angle to lift the upper hand.
  7. On the muzzle wrap angle "mountain".
  8. Fill into every corner on the patch. Paint, draw the eye and nose.
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Fold the shape in half.