Penguin with dicky-tie

Hello! We are happy to see you in our website. Today we'll make a craft - Penguin with dicky-tie

What you need:

  1. Colored paper: orange, black, white, yellow
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue

Let's start:

  1. To start take white paper. Cut out a figure similar to number 8, but without the holes inside. When you are done with the first task, cut out a stylish dicky-tie for your penguin. Use yellow paper for this. Finally cut out orange triangle and paws. Well done! Let's continue...
  2. Roll black paper into a tube and glue the edges.
  3. Glue the white detail to the black tube in such way...
  4. Next attach the beak and paws.
  5. Add wonderful dicky-tie under the beak. Let's make the penguin super stylish. At last take the markers and beautifully paint your trendy penguin.

Well done! Thanks that you helped us with this craft. We are waiting for ypu any time. Hope to see you soon my friend!

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