Hello everyone! Now we are going to make a wonderful craft - Peacock!

What you need:
1. Color paper: green, pink, blue, orange, white
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Markers

Let's start: 

1) First, we need to cut a blue detail similar to number 8, but without the holes inside. Cut out seven long blue stripes and to finish with this color, cut out 4 small circles.  Next take pink paper and cut out 7 stripes a little shorter than the blue ones. To finish our preparations make 7 short green stripes, 2 paws, 2 white little circles and a very small orange triangle.
2) Let's begin with green stripes. Glue the ends of each stripe together. 
3) Glue pink stripes around the green stripes, in the same place where the green ends are glued together.
4) Glue the blue stripes in the same way. Now you have feathers for a tail. 
5) Glue all the feather together to get a big beatiful tail.
6) Now let's make a body for the peacock. On the blue background glue the eyes and beack and the legs on the bottom. There is just a little bit left! 
7) Glue the body to the tail. Almost done!
8) Decorate the tail with circles adding them over the head of the peacock. 
9) Paint the eyes and dots on the circles. 

It was a hard job, but such a craft is worth the effort! Thank's for your attention! See you next time:)

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