Hello everyone! Today we will make an amazing craft - Parrot 

  • What you need:
  1. Color paper 
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  • Let's start:
  1. Let's begin with the preparation of all needed deatails. Take purple paper and cut out a figure like an 8 but without holes. Next cut out 7 small ovals from the same paper. Cut out white oval of the same size. Now take purple or pink paper and cut out 2 details, which resemble bunny's ears, and one detail like a tree leaf with a cut edge. Cut out 2 the same "cut" leafs from pink paper. Cut out a detail, like a shark fin, from red paper. Cut 3 petals out of yellow and turquoise paper. And, finally, a brown wavy, slightly tapered strip . Don't get confused. Well, let's continue...
  2. Take green paper and make a background, it should be longer and wider than the purple body of the parrot. Next glue the body to this background, but the head should be a little bit above the edge.
  3. Next attach the red beak and feathers to the tail. Glue one yellow feather between the red ones. 
  4. Add feathers to the body, the big purple details. 
  5. Then take the brown part and glue it in the place where the tail begins, overlapping the lower part of the wings. And add the yellow details to the wings. 
  6. Turquoise leaves are glued to the edge of the twig, and the remaining purple detail to the middle tail feather. 
  7. And at last glue the eye and purple claws. 

Done! It wasn't easy but it was worth it! See you soon, my friends!

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