Paper plane fighter type "Stiletto"

The sheet of paper must be placed vertically, to fold it in half in the longitudinal direction, smooth hand fold line and back again to its original position paper. Fold the top corners on each side of the paper so that their edges are docked on the middle line of the sheet, and then turn it over to the other side.
Now you need to bend the corners of the workpiece on the bias so that was diagonal from the top of the workpiece up to a third of the distance from the bottom corners of the sheet. Thus it is necessary to release the corners of the paper folded in the early work. The tops of flat triangles were to meet at the central axis of the sheet (Fig. 1).
As a result of all the actions carried out with a piece of paper, preparation of complex shape should get a rectangular a rhombus at the top (Fig. 2). The places where the sides meet the rhombus with the sides of the triangle pointed at him, you need to connect a light dotted line. Thereafter, the paper sheet to bend down in half and then straighten up already by the upper dashed line.
As a result of all the abovementioned actions should figure out, how to Fig. 3.
Then you need to bend a little triangle of paper inside, as shown by the arrows, the second paper corner let remains.
The next step is building a model to fold the resulting preform paper airplane in half along the central axis of the original paper (Fig. 4a, b). This is necessary to accurately align the edges of the wings, carefully smooth out all the creases obtained. Then bend the wings.
After all the action area is to be wrapped under his wing. This will significantly strengthen the fortress bow paper airplane (Fig. 5).
In principle, the airplane is ready, when properly executed, he must look as follows (Fig. 6).

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