Paper Fighter "Orion"

1. First you need to draw a draft. Take a sheet of paper and bend it in half. We will draw on the folding line of paper. From the left side put a dot and measure from it 13 cm to the right and put a second dot. Draw a line 2 cm up from each dot. Connect the lines together. You will get a large rectangle.This is the body of our plane. Measure 4 cm from the left side in the middle of the plane body. Set the point and draw a line 2.5 cm to the right. This is the line where later we will insert the wings.
2. From the top left edge of the plane draw a line up 4 cm. From its end draw a line 2 cm to the right and now connect it to the the plane body.
3. From the top right edge of the airplane also draw a line 4 cm up. From its end 4 cm to the left and connect it to the plane body. Divide the 4 cm line in half and draw a line down to the side of the plane body. Later we will need to cut this line.
4. Now take a small piece of paper. Bend it in half. Draw a horizontal line of 2.5 cm. On the right side draw a line 4 cm up. From its end measure 2 cm to the left. Connect the bottom and top lines diagonally. These are the wings of the airplane.
5. Cut out all the details. And cut the wings along the fold line. So you'll have two identical details.
6. Cut the line from the right side which we spoke earlier. And also carefully cut the line for the wings.
7. Bend 0.5 cm of the wing bottom edge of the plane. Now you need to attach your wings into the cuts in the plane body and glue it.
8. Fold inside the details from the left edge so that you get a sharp spout.
9. And fold the details from the right side as shown on the picture.
10. You can paint your plane and it's ready!

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