Ninja Turtle

Hello! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - Ninja Turtle
What you need:

  • Colored paper: green, blue, white, brown
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Let's start:

  1. First, let's take brown paper and cut out a circle with a small sprout, it looks like a beetroot :) Then from the green paper cut out 4 rounded stripes for paws and one piece for head which resembls a strawberry.
  2. Now let's take white paper and cut out 10 stripes and 2 small circles. And of course we need a mask which we cut out of blue paper. You can look how to do it in the photo. Well done! Let's continue...
  3. Now take the brown piece again, fold it in half and make a cut on the bend, 1 cm apart. Then unfold it again.
  4. Ok, now it's time to glue everything together. First attach the head, the detail which reminds strawberry, on the back of brown piece.
  5. When you are done gluing the head add the paws to the turtle. Well done!
  6. Now add the blue mask to the head and don't forget about the eyes. There is just a bit left!
  7. You have cuts on the shell and you need to insert white stripes - slip it down, then up, then down ... after all is done, cut off the end.

Hooray, we did it! Now you have your own Ninja Turtle.  Hope you like it it and see you next time! 

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