Hello everyone! Today we are going to decorate our apartment (house), with our new craft - "Lollipops"

What you need:

1. Color paper: lilac, pink, purple, orange, white

2. Scissors

3. Glue

Let's begin:
1. Cut out 3 circles: 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small from pink, lilac and orange paper. Also cut out a purple rectangle. It's very simple :)
2. Now glue the circles on each other in this order: big orange, medium purple on it and little lilac on top; large lilac, medium orange on it and small violet; large purple -medium lilac and small orange. I hope we did not confuse you :) And cut out 3 identical stripes from orange paper.
3. Take pink paper and fold it in half and set it as a stand. Glue a purple rectangle on one half, but glue only the edges so that the upper part was open, and the rectangle was not glued inside, a kind of envelope.
4. Glue our circles on the strips and paste them into the envelope.

Such a beautiful craft will decorate any room, especially  children's room! Thank you for your attention, we are waiting to see you again :)

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