Lion and giraffe

  • Materials and other art tools:






Cardboard paper


Scotch tape

  • Let’s start making the craft!
  1. On each half-part of giraffe glue a “half of the body”. Glue the tail on the back part of your giraffe. After that, glue a paper cone on the tail. Cut the tail so that you have a switch made of small stripes.
  2. Gum together the top parts of your giraffe to the line where the parts of its body start. Glue on the eyes. Draw the eyelashes and the nose. Glue on a strike of paper one the hooves. Cut the unnecessary paper.
  3. Cut out of brown paper some giraffe-print pieces, glue them on the giraffe. Glue the brown paper on the horns and cut the unnecessary paper along the outline. Glue on the mane.
  4. On the one of the lion’s body parts glue the tail. And after glue the switch on the tail like it has been done with giraffe. Gum it with the second part together the way the two centers of each part perfectly match to each other.
  5. Cut out two parts of mane. Tighten them up using the scissors. Glue the small mane’s part on the big one.
  6. Glue the eyes, nose and mane on the lion’s head.
  7. Glue the construction of the previous step on the lion’s  body.
  8. Turn a stripe of paper around the knitting-pin (size of the paper stripe is 2X6,5 cm). Put off the stick you’ve made. Glue it on. Make the same stick by the same way.
  9. Put the stick into the right hole of the body. After that, put the hind leg on the stick. Cut the piece of the stick (which is behind the leg) on 4 parts. Fold out each of them the way you can glue them on the leg. Put the second leg on the other side of the stick. Fix it the same way.
  10. Make the forelegs by the same procedure.
  11. Fasten the so-called skirtings on the elements of hind and fore legs without any holes. Now fasten the construction you’ve just made on the elements with (!) holes.
  12. Cut the tree trunk out of the cardboard paper. Attach ti it the leaves made of green paper.
  13. Fasten a firm ware on the reverse side of the trunk using the scotch tape. Take a fitting piece of paper in order to make a little lawn. Make a hole of the size of the tree and put the tree inside of this hole.
  14. Make the following on the inner side of the “lawn” paper: fold there the wire’s end and the trunk in opposite directions. Make the grass – cut some little stripes out of the green paper. While cutting the grass pay attention to not forget that it’s necessary to add 1 cm to the stripes so that you can attach them.
  15. Complete crafting the landscape. 
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