Kusudama in Japanese means "camphor ball", as in ancient times, it put camphor and used as incense. Such Kusudama have medicinal properties. Kusudama has the shape and volume of the ball is composed of individual modules, which are fastened to each other by means of adhesive or sewn. These balls can be used as decoration items to decorate the home.

On one flower you will need 5 units, ie. E. 5 square sheets of paper. The size of your choice: the larger square, the larger the flower. Kusudama itself is composed of several flowers. For example, on 5 Kusudama of flowers will need 25 squares. The more flowers you make, the bigger and more beautiful will Kusudama ball.

1. Fold the base form of a simple "triangle". Lift the bottom corners to the center of the form.

2. Fold the bottom right corner.

3. Make the fold "valley", dividing the left triangle into equal parts.

4. fold line divide in half right triangle.

5. Fold the shape of the bottom corner to the top (ie. E. In the middle).

6. Fold the right triangle below the layer of paper.

7. Fold the two top triangle down.

8. Vaughn both triangles next to them in his pocket. This figure does not allow to disintegrate. You get a kind of kulechek with the core. So add another 4 module.

9. Merge all 5 modules together. The arrow shows the connection.

10. Five modules pasted together corners. You have turned a flower.

Gathering several of these flowers (from three), you can begin to assemble the ball Kusudama. Glue or sew each other flowers in the shape of a ball. If you plan to make a large ball, for example, of the 12 flowers, the first flowers of glue 6 - is one of the Kusudama. Next, sew or glue the rope, and then the second part of Kusudama 6 flowers. Very nice look colorful balls, so do not be afraid to experiment.

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