Hello everyone! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - Heron

  • What you need:
  1. Color paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  • Let's begin:
  1. As usual we start with the preparation of all necessary details. Cut a square, which will be our background later, out of green paper. Take turquoise paper and cut out a wide (around 2.5 cm width) and 2 small thin stripes. Finish with cutting out one small red rectangle and brown one.
  2. Next make many-many incisions on the wide turquoise stripe and cut out a long triangle, a beak of our heron, from red rectangle. Cut the brown rectangle into 2 stripes. Cut off 2 cm on each stripe and make the corners on these pieces rounded.  And at last take white paper and cut out: oval, circle, semicircle, quadrilateral and feathers as shown on the photo. 
  3. Right in the middle of green background glue the white semicircle with a flat side up.  
  4. Over the semicircle add the quadrilateral and the oval on it. Now the heron has neck and head.   
  5. Fold the white circle in half and glue one side to the body. Add the feathers to the head.
  6. Next glue the beack and legs. 
  7. Glue the stripe of grass and 2 bulrushes to the bottom. 
  8. Now everyhing that's left is to paint the heron. 

Done. Thanks for visiting our website. We will be happy to see you again! See you soon!

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