Greetig card

What you need:

1. Color paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Markers or pencils

5. Cotton or rope

6. Candy

7. Figured scissors

Let's start:

1) First cut out a large red heart and cut it in half. Then cut the wings out of white paper and also cut out a small blue circle and cut in half. 
2) Let's make the edges of blue rectangle beautiful using the figured scissors. Then fold it from two sides so, that their edges converge in the center.
3) Glue one wing and semicircle on each of half of the heart. 
4) Glue the hearts on the outside of the card. 
5) Paint it as you want. 
6) Open the card and make 4 holes with scissors.
7) Stretch your rope or thread criss-cross and put the candy.
8) Carefully trim everything behind.
Amazing present is done!

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