Hello everyone! Let's make a charming craft today - Flower

What you need:
1. Color paper: turquoise, purple, light yellow
2. Glue
3. Scissors

Ok, let's start:
1) First let's take turquoise paper and cut out 6 identical petals. Do the same with purple paper. 
2) Next take yellow paper and cut out a stripe. Roll it into a tube and glue the edges together. 
3) Take the petals and folding one edge glue them to the tube. Start from the purple. Add 3 pieces opposite each other in a small distance.
4) Then glue the turquoise petals in the same way, but without distance between the petals. 

That's all! You can decorate any room with such a beatiful flower! Thanks for doing this craft with us, see you next time!

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