Hello everyone! Today we'll make an admirable craft - Flower

  • What you need:
  1. Colored paper: yellow, green, blue, pink
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue


  • Let's start: 
  1. Let's begin from a very simple task, doing a lot of strips. Cut pink paper along into 8 identical strips. Cut horizontally 8 stripes out of the blue paper. Now take the green paper and cut out 2 long strips and one a bit shorter and a small circle. When everything is done, we can continue!
  2. Take green paper and glue the shortest stripe right in the midle of it.  Well done! 
  3. Now take the pink stripes and glue. Glue all the ends of stripes to the end of green stripe. Let's do it like this: glue one end of the strip, and then the other end, but by the other side. It gives volume to the flower. 
  4. Glue all the pink stripes. 
  5. Add all the blue stripes in the same way over the pink ones. You have a wonderful flower. 
  6. Attach the green circle to the spot where all the ends are glued. There are just green stripes left so let's glue them to the stalk in the same way as we did with flower. Because there are no flowers withou lieves, right?

Your mom and granny, as well as any other girl would be happy to get such a flower. Thank you that you did this craft with us! See you soon! 


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