Fish in love

Hello everyone! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - Fish in love.

What you need:

1. Sheets of colored paper: blue, brown, blue, pink, orange, white

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Markers

Let's start: 

1) First, cut out all the needed details. Start from cuting out a large brown circle and and a semicircle of the same size. Then do the same with the orange paper, just this time cut out circle 3 times less. Cut out a blue circle, identicale to orange one, and 3 small semicircles. Out of pink paper cut 4 small semicircles of the same size as blue ones. Finish your preparation with three small white circles and take a blue sheet of paper, which serves as a background. It was not easy, but you did a great job! Let's continue ...
2) Glue the brown circle righ in the centre of blue background.
3) Glue the brown semicircle under the brown circle flat side down.

4)On the brown circle glue the orange and blue circles next to ech other but note that the blue one is a bit above.

5)Let's begin to decorate your fish. Glue the pink fins on the orange circle and using 2 blue semi circles make a tail behind. Add the blue fin on the orange circle and tail behind.
6)Ok, there is just a little bit left! Glue 2 eyes on the orange fish and just one on the other one. 
7) And now the most interesting - paint and craft is done!

These fish in love will be a pleasure for everyone! Thank you for visiting our site! We are looking forward to meet you again!

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