Handcraft type: 
  1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.
  2. Fold the triangle in the middle along the dotted line.
  3. Stretch the triangle in the upper left-hand side so that the top has turned the square.
  4. Turn the workpiece.
  5. Straighten again lower triangle up along the dotted lines so as to obtain a square.
  6. Make creases along the dotted lines on either side of the figure.
  7. Transfer the bend from one side to the other side of the bend.
  8. Do the same operations with other sectors. Turn the product to 45 ° clockwise.
  9. Make creases along the dotted lines.
  10. Corners bottom tuck into a top layer of paper. The resulting angle of pull up.
  11. Follow the same steps in the other sectors.
  12. Fold the corners along the dotted lines (edges should converge on the line of inflection).
  13. Do the same with other sectors.
  14. Bend the inside to the left part of the line to get the "neck" of a camel.
  15. Transfer the right to the left two sectors.
  16. On the right hand corner of the inside fold, and the left side of Vaughn angle along the line down so as to form a "head" of a camel.
  17. Put one sector left to right.
  18. Scissor lower part of the line so as to obtain four legs of a camel.
  19. Fold the legs on the lines shown in the figure, to get a foot. Then you need to blow the figure below, to torso violence. "Camel" is ready. You can also bend the rear portion of the small tail, which we hid.
Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.