Christmas tree and a little hare

Handcraft type: 
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Cardboard paper
  • Colored napkins

Let’s start making the craft

  1. Using the pattern cut out and glue a cone.
  2. Cut out the lower circle for the Christmas tree. Cut this circle in slightly in order to make the needle-stripes. Tighten up lightly these “needles” using the scissors. After that, make a hole in the center of the circle.
  3. Spread some glue on the inner side of the circle and put it on the cone you’ve already made. Press it closely. Flatten the needle-stripes out a little bit in order to make your tree fluffier. Cut out the rested circles according to the measurements given in the pattern. Glue them on the cone.
  4. Tear the different colored napkins to small pieces. Screw up these pieces into small balls. Dip these elements slightly into the glue. Using tweezers glue them on your Christmas tree.
  5. Cut out a carrot using the pattern. Gum its sides together.
  6. Glue the top part of the carrot to the body (main) one. Using green paper cut out the carrot tail. Glue it on.
  7. Cut out a little hare using the pattern. Fold it on the fold lines. 
Using the pattern cut out and glue a cone.