Cheerful clown

  • Materials and the other art tools:
  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Napkin
  4. Glue
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Cooper wire
  • Let’s start making the craft!
  1. Gum together the cylinder-arms. Glue them on the body so that the right arm is raised and the left one is put down.
  2. Glue the lower five-sided development drawing on.
  3. Once the lower part is dry, glue on it the lateral part of the development drawing, shaping the body into a ball. Put the sides together and gum them together.
  4. Gum together the clown’s head together using the smaller size development drawing.
  5. Cut out your clown’s hair using the pattern. Tighten them up lightly and glue them on his head.
  6. Take a small piece of red paper and screw it up into a small ball – that will be the nose. Make a little hollow in his face so that you fasten his nose to there. Glue on the nose.
  7. Cut out of the construction colored paper clown’s eyes and mouth. Glue them on his face.
  8. Cut out the central and the top parts of his top-hat using the pattern. Put together the central parts and gum them together. Glue in the top part.
  9. Cut out hat brims. Put them on the central part like a circle. Glue them on.
  10. Glue the top-hat on his head.
  11. Cut out of the construction paper several balloons.
  12. Take three pieces of cooper wire. Roll them up together at their bottom. Color them. Let them dry. Fasten them to the inner side of each balloon using your scotch tape.
  13. Cut out clown’s shoes. Glue them on his body. Glue on his bow tie and some diamond shaped small elements.
  14. Glue on clown’s head. Give him the balls’ wires the way he is holding them in his right hand.
  15. Glue his palms in the cylinder arms pressing them with a marker or with a knitting-pin.


Great! You can use the craft as a toy or as a lovely decoration element in the children room.


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