Carnival mask

Hello everyone! Today we are going to make a wonderful craft - Carnival mask

What you need:
1. Colored paper: turquoise, purple, red
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Sea line (thread, rope, elastic)

Let's begin:

1) First, take red paper and cut out the basis of the mask, do not forget to cut holes for the eyes, so you can see when you wear it.

2) Then take purple paper and cut out 10 small circles. Ok, we are done with purple paper, now it's time for turquoise paper. Cut out 10 small and 8 slightly longer stripes from the turquoise paper. Fold the small stripes on one side, retreating approximately 0.5 cm.

3) Glue the folded stripes to the eyes holes, 5 pieces per each one. Looks like eyelashes:)

4) Take the circles and glue them to the bottom part of the mask and one circle between the holes for the eyes. 

5) To give a splendor to your mask glue the 4 stripes on each side.

6) Take the scissors and wind the strips on them one by one, then release the scissors, you get curls :)

7) Make small holes on the last circles on each side. Stretch out and tie fishing line through them. Fit it to the size of your head.

Now you can go to the carnival! Thank you for your work, see you soon :)

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