Hello everyone! Now we are going to make a wonderful craft - Bunny! 

What you neew: 
1. Colored paper: turquoise, pink, orange, black, white 
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Blue marker

Let's start:

1.Take turquoise paper and cut out 2 bunny's ears and a rectangle. Then cut out 2 stripes with circle at the end and 2 teardrop-shaped details from pink paper :) Take whie paper and cut out 2 circles and one figure, similar to panties. Cut out a figure in the form of a large drop from orange paper. Finally, take a black paper and cut a small rectangle and round the corners, and then, in the end, cut out 2 tiny circles. Well done, the most difficult thing is behind. Let's continue ...
2. Let's return to the turquoise rectangle. Roll it into a tube and so glue the edges together. 
3. Then add pink inserts on the  turquoise ears.
4. Now attach the ears into the tube. You are doing great, let's continue ...
5. Glue the eyes under the ears and an orange carrot a little bit lower :) 
6. Glue the paws, behind the bunny, which reach for the carrot and glue them to it.
7. Almost done, now just paint your bunny.

Wonderful, your bunny is done! Thank you for visiting our website, see you next time!

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