Bird of paradise

1. On a square sheet of paper, make a diagonal creases.

2. Fold the corner of three along the dotted lines to the center of the sheet.

3. On the dotted lines bend two corners to the center.

4. Cut with scissors along the lines of (increased scale).

5. Fold the piece in half along the dotted line and rotate 45 ° counterclockwise.

6. Vaughn left corner of the inside of the dotted line (increased scale) to get a "head" of the birds.

7. Fold the strip upward on the dotted lines on both sides, to get the "wings" of poultry.

8. Slightly bend the wings back on the dotted line.

9. Wrap the "tail" of the top and fold it "an accordion."

10. "Bird of Paradise" is ready.

Difficulty: figure will require your patience and accuracy. How to use: this beautiful figurine will bring to your interior a bit of magic.

Handcraft type: