1. Roll out the dough cover with the compressed foil ball - it will shell.
2. Draw a stack contours of the shell. In those places where there should be a foot and head, place a piece of foil has to shell after drying has taken shape.
3. Roll the sausage and cut four pieces for the legs. Pull out foil from the shell and attach the legs. Stacks do deepen - turtle claws. Roll out dough sausage - head and attach it to the shell. Stack draw a mouth. Place a foil.
4. Neck and legs dye green. At the bottom the shell make red outline
5. Carapace dye orange, claws - black. Draw eyes.
6. Move the contours of on the shell of brown paint. On a red rim, draw a gold pattern.
Note to the hand-made article:
If your child is more than two years, and he likes to mess around with you in the kitchen, to attach it to the modeling of salt dough, until you are out of the ordinary test cook some cakes.

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