1. Take a piece of blue clay. Form a square from it. Make the windows by carving out two thin squares from thinly rolled white clay. Attach them to the sides of the wagon.
2. Roll out a piece of light blue clay. Form a rectangle from it and bend it in the middle to form a triangle. Try on the roof on your wagon.
3. Pull the wheels out of the black clay and attach them to the car. Make wagons of red and orange colors in the same way.
4. Make a flat rectangle of green clay and attach a purple cube to it at one end.
5. Mold a rectangular figure with rounded edges.
6. Attach it to the green rectangle in front of the purple cube. Now we have the nose of the train.
7. Attach the windows to the purple cube and two thinly rolled sausages to the nose of the train.
8. Make 4 identical wheels and 2 smaller ones. Attach them to the sides of the green rectangle.

During the modeling hands should be wiped with a tissue or towel after working with each color. So hands stay clean and the colors don’t mix.

9. Make a small triangle of yellow clay.
10. Attach it to the bottom of the nose of the train.
11. Roll the truncated cone tube from the black clay and attach it to the nose of the train.
12. Make a roof of a piece of pink square clay.

You can make as many wagons as you want. It will be interesting for children to compete for the longest and brightest train for a limited time.

13. Roll out the sausage piece of black clay. Cut it into several pieces.
14. These pieces can connect wagons to each other.

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