Rustic motif

1. Cut out the dough house. Roll the sausage and bend it in the form of a square - this window. Draw the contours of the stack of logs. On the sides of each log of dough ovals shall cleave. At the boundary walls and the roof edge do.
2. Press the dough through the spadefoot - a straw roof.
3. Cut out the five pieces of dough in the form of boards. Across them lay two sausages and pressed them. Each shall cleave five small balls - a carnation.
4. Sculpt flowers, sunflowers with a core of a wide range of small and petals. The fence and house paint the brown, grass and stems - in green, and the core of sunflowers - black.
5. Petals, windows and paint the log edge yellow.
6. The straw roof dye red. The contours of logs and petals of sunflowers draw black.
Note to the hand-made article:
Salt dough has amazing properties: softness, ductility. Using them is simple, it is available and cheap. Besides unpainted salt dough does not stain your clothes and hands.

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