Rooster and chicken

1. Roll out the dough, wrap it around the bottle. Place the junction dampen with water. By the bottom of the bottles of glue another piece of dough to figure rooster extended downward. Raze the joints.
2. A small piece of dough and roll, using a wheel cut wings.
3. From the the dough pieces cut out triangle for the tail. Dampen edge of the water, put it three balls of dough and flatten them.
4. Stick to the tail stripes. Using a funnel, make a rounded indentation.
5. Glue the wings, apply a pattern with a toothed wheel. Using a fork, apply a pattern on the body of the cock.
6. Roll a large ball, make it the size of a deepening of the bottle neck. Moisten the deepening water, secure the ball on the bottle.
7. Sculpt a rooster's beak and a beard, let them dry out a bit. Then moisten the connection with water and glue these parts to the cockerel. Add eyes and a comb, made of three cakes.
8. Dampen the tail side with water, wrap the dough. Dampen and stick to cock tail.
9. For the chicken roll two balls and make the wings, give these parts a little dry.
10. Insert the in the big ball toothpick, put a small ball, moistened with water on the edge of it. Glue the chicken eyes, beak and wings.
11. From the thin dough using stacks of cut meadow. Put prints, flowers, using pasta. Dry meadow.
12. Paint the upper part of the chicken, let it dry. Turn the chicken and paint the bottom. Paint the eyes and beak.
13. Paint the head of a rooster, then - the beak, comb, beard, eyes, wings. Beige color emphasize the pattern on the wings.
14. Paint the main part of the tail in beige and pink stripes and small circles - green. Large circles paint the in blue, yellow and red colors. Paint the body cock, stressing the relief pattern.

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