1. Roll the sausage dough and cut four identical pieces - it legs.
2. Cut out a small circle of dough and cut it in half. Collect the edges of semi-circles - it will be the ears.
3. Sculpt a two horns (one must be a little larger than the other). All parts are shall dry.
4. Sculpt dough oblong body and connect it with the feet. Dry trunk in the supine position, the legs were on top.
5. Roll the ball, give it an egg shape - is the head. Attach the horns to his head and ears. The eyes are made of peas fragrant pepper. When the torso and head thoroughly dried up, connect them with a piece of dough and dry further. Roll out a thin sausage - tail and attach to the body.
6. Paint the rhino gray. White color paint the horn and put on the body design.

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