Handcraft type: 
  1. Roll out the dough, put to it paper template in the form of drops.
  2. Cut out the template figure - feather. Then cut out a small circle of dough, give it the shape of the droplets and to stick to the widest part of the pen.
  3. Draw a stack streaks on the feather.
  4. Make seven of these feathers and gather them together in the fan shape - it will be a bird's tail.
  5. Sculpt body with neck. When this item is dry, stuck to her dough. Again dry and fasten the top ball of dough - the head.
  6. From weave wire comb and stuck to his dough.
  7. Attach the head crest and the beak of a triangular piece of dough.
  8. Connect the torso and the tail of the bird. From the dough, cut two pieces in the form of drops - and the wings attach to the body. Draw the contours of the stack on the wings.
  9. Middle droplets on feathers in yellow dye, and the edges - white.
  10. Between yellow and white paint to draw blue paint circuit. At the bottom of the yellow paint droplets of black spots.
  11. Tail dye in turquoise color, and drop draw around the contour of black paint.
  12. The body of dye in the turquoise color.
  13. The wings, crest and neck blue dye.
  14. Eyes dye in white color with blue iris is, beak - white. Draw a black contours of the crest, wings, beak, eyes, and the border of the neck to the body.

Note to the hand-made article:

In Eastern Europe, popular great pictures from the test. In the Slavic peoples such pictures are painted and not have the usual baking color. Today mastoplastica - one of the most popular techniques among craftsmen. Salt dough is elastic, easy to handle, durable products made of it, they have a lively, warm and homely aura.

Roll out the dough, put to it paper template in the form of drops.