1. Using red clay roll the sausage and divide it into equal parts.
2. Squeeze the pieces to form bricks.
3. Thinly roll out the green clay. It will be a foundation for your house.
4. Lay down the walls so that the top brick overlaps the connection of the two lower ones.
5. Do not forget to skip a couple of bricks to make a window.
6. Make a bridge to finish the window.
7. Roll the red square. It's a roof.
8. Fold the square in half to form a triangle. Check if it fits your lodge.
9. And attach it to the lodge. The roof is ready.
10. Using yellow clay roll up a chimney. Make it a little sidelong at one end so it would be convenient to attach it to the roof.
11. Attach the chimney to the roof.
12. Cut a small blue rectangle and attach it to the wall near the window. Now we have a door.
13. Attach a small piece of white clay to the door to make a handle.
Your lodge is done!

On a note!
You can make the house bigger and add more windows. You can make a whole city! Populate it with clay dolls and drive clay cars through its streets.

Cool the clay before working so it will be plastic. And moisten your hands with water during work so it will not stick to your hands.

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