1. From the brown plasticine sculpt a body with a neck. Around the neck slightly flatten plasticine for fixing the head.
2. Sculpt a head, a little stretching one side - it will muzzle. Attach the head to the neck. Smooth out the joints.
3. Make small holes in the stack body in places where they will be mounted front legs, and fingers to do more to deepen where to be attached back.
4. Roll 2 identical sausages, insert the wire long enough to one of its end protrudes. This is the front legs.
5. The front legs protruding end of the wire to slide into the groove for the front foot, the foot must be directed downward from the body.
6. Insert the wire of the second front leg into the groove for it so that the foot was sent forward. Bend your leg in the middle of a sharp angle, smooth the clay on his knee and straighten the leg almost to a right angle.
7. Sculpt a hind leg. They begin as a front - sausage and upwards on the thighs, are thicker and wider. Insert the leg lengths of wire with a protruding end. Insert rear legs into the recesses on the body.
8. Fold the rear legs in the middle forward, mark the joints and flatten again.
9. From yellow plasticine Fashion a tail in the form of a spindle. Use scissors to make long thin longitudinal incisions over the entire surface of the tail, simulating hair.
10. Make a strip of yellow plasticine and often incise it along the edge of the scissors - it's the mane.
11. Attach the tail of a horse on the rump and mane - along the neck, putting it "hair" on one side.
12. Of a piece of brown clay Fashion a 2 tear-shaped ear.
13. Slide the mane and using stacks attach the ear to the head, making an indentation in the middle.
14. Stacks make an indentation for the eyes.
15. Roll small balls of black plasticine, put them in the place of eyes. Stacks make nostrils.

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