1. From the purple plasticine torso sculpt a gnome. Bottom flatten plasticine and make a short "skirt" - this will be the bottom of the shirt. Slightly above, make an indentation in a circle - waist. On the sides of the stack, make an indentation for fastening arms.
2. Make a narrow strip of yellow plasticine and wrap it around your waist, leaving hang a little piece ahead.
3. From black plasticine roll very thin and short sausage, and separated from it by a third. Most of the bend in the form of semi-oval and glue on the belt where the free end of the hanging. The remaining piece, attach the middle of the arc.
4. Roll 2 small purple sausages - hands, a little bend in the middle, carefully mark the elbows.
5. Attach the hand into the recesses on the torso.
6. Roll out plasticine plump sausage salad, fold it in the middle, smooth out the fold - it's legs.
7. Attach the legs to the torso of the shirt, under the "skirt".
8. From light pink plasticine roll a ball to the head and slightly push it to one side to get a ledge. Attach the head to the body.
9. Sculpt a nose in the form of an oval. On one end of the thinly flatten plasticine and attach to the head, on the face - protruding - part.
10. Stacks do nostrils. Then roll out the white plasticine 2 small oval and stick them on the nose. This is eyes. Over attach smaller oval of black plasticine - pupils.
11. From white plasticine sculpt a beard in the form of a triangle. One corner has to be drawn and a little bent, and the opposite side it is folded inside. Attach the head to the beard.
12. Roll of white plasticine little sausage, sharpen the edges and in the middle to make a very thin. This mustache. Stick them under the nose.
13. Make a thick white "pancake", and shall cleave to his head from above by bending the shape of the head - it's hair.
14. Sculpt a red plasticine cap - cone irregular shape whose apex is slightly curved, and the bottom is folded inside.
15. Attach the hat on his head.
16. Out of the blue plasticine sculpt a 2 equal the shoe with pointed ends.
17. Attach the shoes to the feet.
18. From light pink plasticine roll small balls - cams - and attach to the ends of the sleeves.
19. Stack put on a beard and mustache curved lines that mimic the hair.

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