1. Sculpt one piece body and neck of a giraffe. When the blank is dry, flip it over and stuck to the dough to give volume.
2. Roll up the ball and give it an oblong shape - it's head. When the item is dry, connect it to the body using a small piece of dough.
3. Roll out the dough four identical sausages - it will be legs. When the parts have dried, attach them to the body with the help of the test pieces.
4. From the test blind by the ears. Roll two small balls and two sausages. Connect pairs ball with sausage - it's horns. Secure it to the head of a giraffe ears and horns. Sculpt tail and attach to the body.
5. Paint a giraffe in a beige color.
6. Draw a brown paint spots: on the body - larger, and on the legs and neck - less. The horns and the top of the ears brown dye. From the ear to the middle of the muzzle draw a brown triangle.
7. Horns balls on black dye. Hoof dye gray and black striped top draw. Draw eyes, first white paint white of the eye, then the blue of the iris. Black paint, move the eyes and draw nostrils in the form of two inverted commas.

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