1. For the body, roll the dough, wrap it around the bottle. Place the junction dampen with water.
2. The bottom of the bottle glue another piece of dough to shape expanding downward. Raze the joints.
3. Roll a small ball and flatten it into a pancake - it takes. Dampen a flat cake and stick to the neck of the bottle. Shall cleave to beret gamekeeper small tail
4. To take the grid for sink with round holes to pass the dough through it - the hair hunter. Glue them to the head.
5. Glue nose. Of the two balls do pellet eyes. The flip side of the brush to make small holes.
6. Roll out the dough, cut stack beard.
7. Glue the beard to the Ranger's face. Put a mustache made of a thin sausage.
8.For the hands of the gamekeeper roll sausage, cut it into two parts. Slightly flatten the edge of each sausage and peel off the stack finger.
9. Sculpt hands to the body. Of the two balls sandals sculpt a gamekeeper , glue them to the body. From above draw cell stack.
10. Roll out the dough small ball and press down its leaf shape. Glue the piece of paper to the body and while it raw, stack, draw streaks. Make 8-9 of these leaves.
11. Paint the face and hands gamekeeper orange.
12. Part of the leaves dye in red.
13. Part of the leaves dye in green.
14. Takes gamekeeper dye blue. Paint the eyes.
15. Hair gamekeeper dye in brown, body - in dark green. In sandals draw dark strips using existing relief.
Note to the hand-made article:
Modeling develops not only speech, artistic abilities, but also an abstract and logical thinking, imagination. To save the invoice before firing crafts to survive two to three days at room temperature, so that frozen top layer, the product will not crack or lose shape.

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