1. Using green clay mold the trunk with neck, belly and tail. Press a little down the belly on both sides at the base of the tail. The legs will be fastened there.
2. Shape the head by rolling the egg-shaped ball.
3. Connect the head to the neck. Carefully smooth out the edges of the details.
4. Make two identical legs with round hips and thinner shins.
5. Make feet in the form of elongated triangles. Make 3 fingers using the stack.
6. Attach your feet to your legs. And attach the legs to the body in the indentations on the belly.
7. Make a tail bending it so that the dinosaur can lean on it.
8. Make a mouth in front side of the head.
9. Thinly roll out the red clay, and cut out the tongue. Stick it in the mouth.
10. Roll out the thin sausage from the white clay. And attach it along the edge of the upper jaw. Do the same with the lower jaw.
11. Make teeth pressing the stack.
12. Using the stack make 2 nostrils on the head.
13. Using the stack make two eye holes and insert small beads or balls of white clay.
14. Mold the front paws in the form of two sausages. Bend them creating an elbow. And make an incision from one side imitating fingers.
15. Attach the front paws to the trunk.

Your dinosaur is ready!

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