Caterpillar on the apple

1. Roll the ball and press the table. When the blank is dry, turn it over and stuck to the dough to get the ball. Take the dried tail of the present apple and attach it to the middle of the top of the ball.
2. For the caterpillar roll sausage dough. Stacks make several recesses strips across the torso. Sculpt head in the form of a flattened ball and connect it with the body. From sprigs of mimosa make caterpillar horns. Stack draw a mouth.
3. From the dough, cut leaf. Stack draw on it streaks.
4. While the dough is soft, leaf shall cleave to the apple.
5. Carefully place the ready caterpillar on an apple.
6. Paint the yellow top of the apple. Then draw it orange vertical stripes, and under them - red. The lower part of the apple coat of red paint.
7. Caterpillar dye green. On the sides, apply more saturated colors. Draw eyes caterpillar. Leaf green dye.

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