1. Use orange modeling clay to roll a ball for the body. Give it an oval shape slightly tapered at one end.
2. Mold a smaller oval for the head using the same clay.
3. Also make 4 paws slightly tapered at one end.
4. Roll out a sausage to create the tail.
5. Thinly roll out the brown clay and cut the strips. Attach 4 strips to the torso.
6. Attach the brown strips to the paws.
7. Add 3 strips on the head.
8. Decorate the tail.
9. Mold two small triangles from orange clay. Make indentations in the middle with the toothpick. These are the ears.
10. Attach the ears to the head.
11. Roll two small white balls and gently attach them slightly below the middle to the head.
12. Make 2 almond shape eyes with green clay. Attach them to the head and in the middle of each eye make a pupil using black clay.
13. Make a nose using black clay. Attach it to the white balls on the head and make nostrils with a toothpick.
14. Attach the head to the body.
15. Mold a fish out of gray clay.
16. Attach the fish to the cat.
17. Now attach the front paws to the body so that the cat hugs the fish.
18. Attach the hind paws.
19. Mold fingers on the hind legs.
20. Do the same to the front paws.
21. Attach the tail.
22. Make a mustache on the face with a toothpick.
23. Also draw the fish’s head.

Your child will be happy if you glue a magnet on it. You can use it to cling pictures on the refrigerator.

Your cat is ready!
Interesting fact:
The cat hunting for mice stores up to 10 tons of grain a year. In Austria there is even a cat that works as a guard of warehouses. It is even paid a pension in the form of milk, broth and meat.

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