1. Thinly roll out a few broad bands of blue clay and glue them to the sheet of cardboard or plywood so that, between the stripes were no gaps.
  2. Mold a small fish out of yellow clay.
  3. Roll the green sausage and flatten it. Cut it several times to make incisions along the edge leaving a strip in the centre untouched.
  4. Apply the strip vertically on the blue background and now you have a seaweed.
  5. Roll thin green tentacles. Mold a fish out of orange clay. Stick several green tentacles on the blue background then attach the fish and then a few more tentacles on top of it.
  6. Make several curved green strips and place them on the blue background imitating long seaweeds.
  7. Use black and brown clay to form stones of different shapes and stick them to the bottom edge of the composition.
  8. Mold a dark green rounded belly with a thinner tail to get the crayfish's body. Hint! You can make many other fish of different colors and sizes. Add sequins to make your fish sparkle. Also make a few aquariums and decorate the bathroom - it will be originaly, stylishly and make your child happy.
  9. Now lets make a claw: carefully roll a small spindle-shaped piece of clay and bend it in the middle.
  10. Add the claw to the crayfish body. Use a small piece of clay to connect the crayfish and the claw. Make crayfish tendril from another thin tentacle .
  11. Roll several thin curved sausages out of light pink clay. Slightly flatten them to get uneven stripes. Mold a semicircle with a wavy edge. Attach the stripes to the blue background and a semicircle on top of them. Now you have a jellyfish.
  12. Make cross-notch body to crayfish with a stack.
  13. Make notches on the tail and fins to all fishes, as well as make eye grooves with the sharp end of stack. 14. Decorate the yellow fish with a black stripe and don't forget to add small black balls in the eyes.
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